Apply for Loan

Apply for Loan

You can simply equip it. The bank offers the possibility to furnish the loan completely online within 5 minutes and you can have money in your account within 24 hours.

Loan Good Finance from 20,000 – to 500,000 USD

Loan approval conditions


Good Finance offers a loan with the same conditions for Czech and Slovak citizens with permanent residence in the Czech Republic. There are no hidden fees, all acts associated with the loan are free of charge, such as arranging the loan, management, electronic statements.

Of course, Good Finance also offers insurance that covers the risks of default. This is one of the reasons why Good Finance has won awards like Czech Superbrands 2018 or Best Customer Care.

The conditions for obtaining a loan


Use the calculator to set the necessary parameters, loan amount and repayment period. The applicant has the opportunity to apply alone or with a partner. In that case, it will receive more favorable interest. All necessary loan parameters will be displayed below the data: interest rate, APR and total amount that the applicant will pay for the loan.

There is no charge for the loan. Other fees are not directly related to the loan but can be found in the More about fees section.

What documents are required to apply?

The following are required to apply:

  • two-sided copy of the identity card of the applicant or co-applicant,
  • a copy of the second document,
  • Receipt confirmation
  • a copy of your last bank statement.

Are there other options for Good Finance loans?


In addition to Individual Loans, Good Finance offers a Partner Loan, Honeymoon Loan, or Consolidation of Existing Loans for Individuals or Partners.

The loan application process

The application process is very easy. It is described directly on the bank’s page and the applicant should follow it as follows:

  1. Fill in online requests, which takes approximately 10 minutes. Personal information, address, job and income should be entered here.
  2. The system performs automatic scoring and assigns a score, which represents an estimate of whether the applicant is able to repay the loan or not.
  3. If the application is pre-accepted, the applicant will receive documents by post, sign and attach the required documents, then send them to Good Finance by return.
  4. Subsequently, the application is manually approved no later than the second day after receipt of the dossier.
  5. If the application is approved, Good Finance will send the funds to the applicant’s bank account.