Art of Rally is the challenging but zen racing game you never knew you needed

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Imagine a world where Group B races have never been canceled and where a giant Buddha introduces you to the concept of the world you find yourself in. This is how we launch the zen-like Rally art, a racing game that stands out for its relaxing and meditative atmosphere as opposed to the high energy chaos of your traditional racing game.

Rally art comes from Funskeletor Labs, the company also known for Absolute drift. The game takes you through the golden age of rallying from the 1960s to the 1990s. There are eight camera settings, four damage settings, four difficulty levels to help you navigate your way through career mode , and the variety of cars you can drive have palpable handling differences.

I will be completely transparent with all of you here: I am not a player. Rally art is the second game I bought for my personal use on my Switch, the other being Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I’m terrible Mario Kart. I am, to put it simply, pretty bad.

So it’s no surprise that I really struggled to master the controls, and even the tweaks to the settings that correct for over / understeer and prevent brake lockups haven’t proven to be particularly successful for my driver. success. I spent hours on the autocross course in the Finnish rally alone, resetting the free play level each time I reached the point where I had knocked over so many cones that I couldn’t tell where the track was.

This, I believe, comes down to my own ineptitude in the video game world. I looked at other reviews and most people noted that there was a learning curve but they had successfully mastered the art of drifting, braking and handling. Presumably, I just need more practice!

What I love most about this game is the fact that it is relaxed. As I said before, I prefer the cold atmosphere of Animal crossing literally to everything else (even Valley of stars is too stressful for me). But the mellow artistic style, the soft synthesized music and the comfortable minimalism of Rally art was relaxing, not stressful. Instead of letting myself be overwhelmed and quitting after my first few efforts, the minimalism was almost intoxicating. I always wanted to come back and try again.

The game is available on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam and GOG if you like to play on your computer, but you can also play it on your PlayStation, Switch, or XBox.

I still have a long way to go to master this game, but I know one thing: I have fully taken up the challenge of this game where I normally find myself giving up.

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