Dodge Announces Racing School Sponsorship: Will Send All Hellcat Buyers

707 horsepower is no joke, and without a little skill you might end up in a ditch. Of course, Dodge doesn’t want that, so they’ll send any SRT Hellcat buyer to a driving school they’ve just sponsored.

Truly, Dodge just renewed a deal they’ve had in place for years, but the extra class time for new Hellcat owners is special. We have seen the SRT Hellcat in use in many schools across the country, but none are as remarkable as Radford Racing School.

Radford is somewhat famous for demonstrating just how capable the Hellcat chassis really is in the corners. They will have the chance to continue this tradition as Dodge sends them 85 more Hellcats.

Some will be Chargers, some will be Challengers, and yes, some will be Durangos. The course only lasts one day of instruction, but since it is included in the price of the vehicle, it is well worth it.

The class overview includes exercises such as crash avoidance, autocross, as well as guided and follow tours on a 1.6 mile road course. Then, participants can get into a car with an instructor and find out what these cars can do in the hands of a pro.

This is in line with an old program that Dodge started in 2017 when it sold the Challenger SRT Demon. At that time, buyers would benefit from a similar one-day program. Of course, this program focused on drag racing.

The school is the ideal testing ground for our SRT vehicles. We are excited to strengthen our relationship with the Radford Racing School team and bring the Dodge // SRT experience to new members of the Brotherhood of Muscle.Says Tim Kuniskis, CEO of the Dodge brand.

It’s clear that Dodge wants its drivers to do more than just enjoy cars on public roads. They want them to understand how capable they are. We can’t do anything but appreciate it.

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