Engine ice breaks ground on non-glycol racing coolant

When it comes to racing, leaking coolants can pose a huge risk. Although technology cannot tell the difference between propylene glycol and ethylene glycol, the latter poses an environmental hazard. This is why most trails specify that you are only allowed to run water or a mixture of water with a non-glycol product. A novelty in the field of glycol-free products is Engine Ice high performance coolant.

Engine Ice is determined to create a product that has better heat transfer than water. They also claim better aluminum corrosion protection than its competitors. We sat down with Engine Ice Marketing and Sales Director Scott Lukaitis at PRI 2021 to discuss the new products.

“The trick here is knowing how much freeze protection you actually need. You don’t need glycol for freeze protection, so you need to focus on a product with better heat dissipation. This is the product for you,” Lukaitis said. “Our new pouches will work with three to five gallons of distilled water. We are even working on the creation of new covers and new brands. »

Although the new pocket-sized product has not hit shelves, it is scheduled for release in February 2022. If you are looking for a product claiming to have a 20% lower corrosion factor than other coolant additives and a better heat transfer than water alone, try Engine Ice.

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