Health Insurance Repayment

Health Insurance Repayment

One of the biggest advantages we have as consumers is in the free choice of the products and services we want to acquire or hire. Thanks to having a wide range of products and services, we can not only benefit from better prices on many occasions, but also to be able to find professionals that offer us other advantages that range from proximity, prestige or trust.

Good health insurance


One of the most important cases we have in health insurance. Good health insurance like all that Good Finance offers gives its clients access to the best benefits. Although all aspects of a health policy are important, the most obvious sample of coverages, and in which clients look more, is in their medical chart. This not only covers doctors and different specialties, it also does it with clinics, hospitals and diagnostic tests. At this point Good Finance offers a very wide coverage of 39,000 doctors and 1,000 clinics. But if you still want to have more choice, Good Finance Health Refund is your ideal product.

I want Good Finance Health Refund And now what?


All the coverage and guarantees that we have indicated before and that you find in the Good Finance Complete Health insurance can also be contracted with the Reimbursement method . The difference between the two is that in addition to the closed medical chart you can freely choose the doctor and center where you want to receive assistance, both in Spain and abroad. You pay the specialist or Hospital the cost of the services and then Good Finance will reimburse you for 80% of the amount of the medical fees.

This type of insurance offers different advantages, but the main one is in its flexibility, which makes it very suitable for people who, for example, for work reasons travel a lot and who do not have to worry because in the place where they live or move have a closed medical chart. But, in addition to this freedom, with Good Finance Health Reimbursement you will have a number of additional advantages that further improve your health coverage.

Additional benefits from Good Finance Health Reimbursement

Additional benefits from Good Finance Health Reimbursement

With Good Finance Health Refund you will have at your fingertips the best medical centers and specialties, as well as access to the VIP Medical Staff in which the most prestigious hospitals in Spain are included, such as the. This quality assistance is also reflected, in case of hospitalization, in the comfort and privacy of always accessing individual rooms and with no limit of days for sickness income. Or also in diagnostic tests have access to the most advanced means of the moment.

To all this, it should be added that there is no limit of days in emergency access, coverage for cornea, heart, liver, bone marrow, lung and kidney transplants, without limit on any type of prosthesis and for which you travel, assistance in travel and hospitalization expenses covered up to a limit of 15,000 euros.

With Good Finance, having reimbursement insurance has never been easier and more complete. In addition, with 3 euros more per month you will have dental insurance with more than 2,500 clinics at your service and if you insure your family a 15% discount. The medical coverage you want, at your fingertips.