Kenya: Uman Soni wins inaugural drag race

Uman Soni on Sunday won the first round of Drag Racing organized by the Delta Motorsports Club at the Whistling Morans circuit in Athi River.

Drag racing is a type of auto racing in which automobiles or rally cars compete against each other, usually two at a time, to be the first to cross a set finish line.

The event, commonly referred to as drag racing, is a form of motor racing event (such as in auto racing) in which multiple competitors race on an asphalt track from a standing start side by side for a set distance.

Elapsed time (in seconds) and final speed are recorded, although for most races the winner is simply the first to cross the finish line.

Provisional results: 1.Uman Soni Subaru (WRX STI) 388.523 seconds, 2. Jin Lu (VW Golf 406.221), 3. Moses Mwendwa (Subaru N16) 421.596, 4. Mustafa Abbas (Suzuki Swift) 423.096, 5. Salman Manji ( Mitsubishi Evo10) 423.760, 6. David Mgugi 423.593, 7. Jabril Ali (Subaru GC8) 426.293, 8. Stanely Kamau (Subaru GC8) 431.703 ,, 9. Joseph Mumo (Subaru GC8) 447.505, 10. Azim Mamnji (Mazda) 458.614 .


Onkar Rai leads the overall standings of the 2021 KCB Kenya National Rally Championship with six of the original nine rounds of the series remaining.

Drivers of the championship in the general classification: 1. Onkar Rai 73, 2. Carl Tundo 56, 3. Baldev Chager 54, 4. Tejveer Rai 49, 5. Jasmeet Chana 43.

Championship sailors in total: 1. Drew Sturrock 73, 2 Timothy Jessop 56, 3. Ravi Soni 54, 4. Gareth Dawe 49, 5. Peter Mutuma 33.

Riders of the N Classic group: 1. Ian Duncan 30, 2. Kailesh Chauhan 24. Sailors of the N Classic group: 1. Tej Sehmi 30, 2. Tariq Malik 24.

Division 1 pilots: 1. Paras Pandya 43, 2. Nikhil Sachania 43, 3. McRae Kimathi 30, 4. Dilraj Chatthe 30, 5. 5. Steve Mwangi 24.

Division 1 Navigators: 1. Falgun Bhojak 45, 2. Deep Patel 45, 3. Shameer Yusuf 30, 4. Jasneil Ghataure 30, 5. Dennis Mwenda 24.

Division Two Drivers: 1. Hamza Anwar 54, 2. Evans Kavisi 43, 3. Daren Miranda 38, 4. Ghalib Hajee 30, 5. Jeremy Wahome 30.

Division Two Navigator: 1. Riyaz Ismail 54, 2. Absolom Aswani 43, 3. Wayne Fernandes 38, 4. Sinder Sudle 30, 5. Victor Okundi 3.

Group N pilots: 1. Jasmeet Chana 78, 2. Paras Pandya 47, 3. Evans Kavisi 34, 4. Hamza Anwar 30, 5 Raajpal Bharij 24.

Group N browsers: 1. Ravi Chana 78, 2. Falgun Bhojak 47, 3. Absolom Aswani 34, 4. Riyaz Ismail 30, 5. Jasneil Ghataure 24.

SPV class pilots: 1. Ian Duncan 30, 2. Nikhil Sachania 24.

SPV browsers: 1. Anthony Nielsen 30, 2. Suzzane Zwager 30, 3. Deep Patel 24.


The KCB Voi Rally will feature four competitive stages which will be contested twice on the day of the competition. The event will be hosted by the Sikh Union Club in Nairobi next weekend.

There will be a total of four stages which will be done twice with a total competition distance of 168 km. The total distance will be 445.17 km including 277.17 km by transport.

The stages will be ES1 Taita 17.39 km, ES2 Hildana 27.02, ES3 Mauangu 34.50 and ES4 Izera Ranch 5.45. The fourth stage will also serve as a Power Stage for the competition.

The last stage will also be a Power Stage. The Power Stage (abbreviated PS) is a special stage that usually takes place as the last stage of a World Rally Championship rally.

Unlike normal stages, which are timed to the tenth of a second, the timing of the Power Stage is to the thousandth of a second.

Additional Championship Points are available for the top five crews throughout the stage, regardless of where they actually finished the rally. Bonus points are awarded to the five fastest drivers on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis.


The Mombasa Motor Club will host Round 5 of the KCB National Autocross Championship on August 14-15.

The competition will take place at the premises of Mombasa Cement.

Autocross is a timed competition in which riders navigate one by one on a defined course on a sealed or unsealed surface. It is a form of motorsport that emphasizes safe competition and active participation.

As an entry-level motorsport, it provides a stepping stone for drivers looking to engage in other more competitive and possibly expensive forms of racing (such as rally, rallycross circuit racing).

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