Litespeed Racing launches the lightest carbon fiber in the world

Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Litespeed Racing, SEMA award-winning wheel manufacturer of Orange County, California, released their all-new full carbon fiber wheel, the “Carbon One” at the Los Angeles International Auto Show this week.

The revolutionary Carbon One wheel weighs 14.2 pounds for 20 x 9.5 inches, making it the lightest 20 inch wheel in the world. The secret of its ultra lightness lies in its manufacturing process. Not all carbon fiber products are created equal. Litespeed Racing chose the lightest, strongest and most expensive manufacturing technique normally reserved for aerospace and military grade carbon fiber components. The Carbon One wheel is made from “dry” prepreg carbon fiber and is cured under extreme heat and pressure inside an autoclave. The “dry” prepreg process is different from standard carbon fiber which is made by applying wet resin to the raw carbon fiber sheet. This dry process is much more precise and very resistant, resulting in lighter and stronger carbon fiber parts, which can also withstand higher temperatures.

Lightweight wheels have many benefits, from improved acceleration, braking and handling to improved fuel efficiency. Pro race driver Scott Birdsall recently used Litespeed Racing wheels during his world record run at Pikes Peak. Birdsall commented “These Litespeed Racing wheels are the lightest I’ve ever had”. In addition to being light, the carbon fiber construction also makes the wheels very stiff. Third-party testing found the Carbon One wheel to be the stiffest wheel ever tested. But Litespeed Racing wheels aren’t just for race cars. Street cars can also benefit. They were tested according to VIA and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) protocols, which include tests that simulate a wheel hit by another car and a test that simulates a large pothole.

About Litespeed Racing

Litespeed Racing is an automotive accessories manufacturer founded in 2006, specializing in super lightweight wheels for trams and racing cars. Its wheels have been used on both streetcars and a number of record-breaking and class-winning racing cars. For more information on the Carbon One wheel or any of Litespeed Racing’s wheels, please visit their website or social media pages (Instagram/ Facebook: Litespeedracing).

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