Recommend racing tires: part 1

The engines roar. Cars pass in the blink of an eye. Adrenaline rushes through the veins of drivers as they cross the checkered flag. It’s race day, and it’s great. And whether in NASCAR or at a local track, all racers rely on these four round pieces of rubber to cross the finish line. For many enthusiasts, they also depend on them to get home after a day on the track. In this video, Tire Review’s David Sickels gives tips for getting into the racing segment and the tires you might need, from Babcox Media’s Continental Tire Garage Studio Tire Review.

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As the local tire expert, tire dealers are the custodians of the range of characteristics of DOT road approved tires. Knowing the right application for this type of tire and how they are made will set you apart from other dealers in the area, giving you the opportunity to partner with local enthusiasts to become their personal tire supplier.

You will probably find that most customers for track-to-road tires are generally well researched and ready to buy. The “newbies” you meet are normally those who have just made their first day of track or racing with their OE / all season tires and have found the limits, so they are looking for an upgrade.

As a tire expert it helps to know what kind of race the customer is doing. For example, some tires heat up faster, and these are generally better for autocross, while others can take many heat cycles, better for repeated days of track use.

Also keep in mind that sanctioning bodies have rules regarding UTQG, tread depth, number of rim diameters in the tread, and section width, to name a few. only a few. Make sure you are familiar with these rules if you are helping the client find the right solution.

If you are really interested in getting into this segment, the best thing to do is attend local hobbyist events to see what vehicles and tire sizes are competing in your area.

Amateur races tend to be very inclusive and they will welcome someone like you. In addition, these enthusiasts probably own more than one vehicle and make good quality maintenance a priority, so many business opportunities for a dealership.

Dealers should also recognize that track-road tires are niche products that compete in the market on their performance, which means that they will generally achieve higher margins compared to the more mainstream products that are made. price competition. Due to their need for track performance, these tires are also generally replaced more often.

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