You do Gazoo: Toyota inaugurates the era of Gazoo Racing

Just when you thought it was safe to hit the water again, Toyota Indonesia unveiled all models decked out in gorgeous Gazoo Racing fast elements.

The GR Sport lineup is how Toyota echoes the looks and certain features of its Halo Gazoo Racing models by making their ambitious qualities more accessible to Toyota fans, like what it has done through TRD (or Toyota Racing Development). This allows customers with options to return home with their favorite Toyota models such as the Wigo, Avanza, Yaris, Rush and Fortuner dressed in the original and official Toyota swag – joining the released Toyota Vios GR Sport. earlier this year. If you’re up for some eye candy, here are some of the models being announced in Indonesia – and we hope they’ll be available here as well.

Toyota Fortuner GR Sport

The Toyota Fortuner has always been a fan favorite and is at the heart of the minds of many car buyers when purchasing a new midsize SUV. The long wait to get one when it was first introduced in the early 2000s is proof of how much we love the Fortuner. It democratized SUVs at a time when they were only available to politicians, businessmen and the occasional gaming ace.

Toyota Fortuner GR

Thanks to Toyota’s Gazoo Racing program, the Toyota Fortuner GR Sport is now even more menacing with the front bumper all sorted with a blackened grille and tapered LED headlights. The implementation of a front spoiler and a new group of fog light housings complete the overall appearance.

Fortuner GR Sport

At the rear, you have an imposing and fairly substantial rear spoiler and a rear diffuser bearing one of the many GR badges that can be found all around the Fortuner, so as not to forget which variant it is. ‘acts. Special 18-inch GR Sport loaders with 265/60 R18 tires complete the look of this special mid-size SUV.

Toyota Rush GR Sport

If you think the Fortuner seems like too big and too out of your budget, but still need a capable SUV with Gazoo Racing styling out of the box, look no further than the Toyota Rush. GR Sport.

Toyota Rush GR Sport

The Toyota Rush in itself is quite a special vehicle, battling through a sea of ​​front-wheel drive monohull crossovers. It goes against the grain by taking the opposite lane and shows its true SUV chops by offering a chassis-mounted ladder construction and rear-wheel drive setup. This gives the Toyota Rush more stability regardless of the road conditions.

Rush GR Sport

On the exterior side, the Toyota Rush GR Sport adds some nice body kits such as wrap-around skirts and rear spoilers. It also has large 17 inch alloy rims with 215 60 R17 tires.

Toyota Veloz (Avanza) GR Limited

If you’re not happy with what the GR Sport treatment has done for the previous items on this list, here’s a little pallet cleanup for you. I have always been critical of the Avanza, questioning its existence especially with the introduction of the Toyota Rush. My rationale is that at least those looking for a bigger vehicle in the Toyota lineup might find it on their list.

Toyota Veloz GR

Well how do you like Avanza now? It is certainly very different from the vanilla version thanks to a little injection of Gazoo Racing magic in this GR Limited Trim.

Toyota Veloz GR Rear

The Toyota Avanza GR Limited has a beautiful front spoiler with a prominent GR emblem, and is reflected by a rear apron and diffuser. It now comes with additional sporty contrasting elements like blacked out mags and side mirrors which I love. We also see some changes to the interior thanks to a blacked out pattern, a start button and new digital climate controls.

Toyota Agya (Wigo) GR Sport

The Toyota Wigo is a fun little hatch and is by far the most affordable way to join Toyota’s plan for world domination with Gazoo Racing. Born out of necessity in the early 2010s, the Toyota Wigo has undergone various facelifts throughout its life to ensure it stays ahead of the competition.

Agya GR Sport

Now that GR is at the helm of Toyota’s rally and racing aspirations, the Wigo hasn’t been left out and forgotten, and it now has that cute GR badge to inspire owners. It still looks exactly like the previous Wigo TRD S, but instead of fun, colorful red stripes to accentuate the wrap-around bodykits, the theme is go black. Most notably, the blackened rear spoiler and front chin make this powerful mite look even more aggressive than it already does thanks to those angry headlights.

Agya GR Sport

Some might find the lack of significant changes between the Wigo TRD S and the Wigo GR Sport disappointing, but given that the current sport variant looks pretty wild the way it is, I understand why minimal changes were made to the appearance. general.

Toyota Yaris GR Sport

Now, before I start waving forks at me and demanding from the executives of Gazoo Racing that they release a GR Sport variant of the Yaris when the GR Yaris already exists, let’s put things in some context. The GR Yaris was never designed to be a daily driver; there are so many things the GR Yaris CANNOT do than the regular old Yaris and the need to bring back some love from that same vanilla GR Yaris is even more revealing of how Toyota cares about it. everyday car buyer.

Toyota Yaris GR

For starters, the GR Yaris can accommodate five people, but not in the same relative comfort as the regular Yaris. The homologation version is also only available in manual transmission, with a light and ruthless flywheel tuned to what is going to be difficult to drive in traffic. Enter the Yaris GR Sport.

Toyota Yaris GR Sport

It has about 75% of the look of the GR Yaris, with its wraparound body kit and radical looking rear spoiler. This of course makes it much sportier than the standard Toyota Yaris. It might not be as fast as the GR Yaris, not from a distance, but it certainly looks like it at a fraction of the cost.

Toyota Yaris GR Sport

This, my friends, may be the point of it all. I’m willing to bet that around 99% of Toyota customers in their dreams will never be able to afford or are willing to give up a significant amount of money for their legitimate Gazoo Racing models like the GR Yaris or the GR Supra and maybe even the next GR 86. But that doesn’t mean they can ride in the same spirit as these cars.

Local prices for these models have not been confirmed, but if you are curious about the prices in Indonesia, the Yaris GR is priced at IDR 248,300,000 while the Agya (Wigo) GR Sport is priced at IDR 248,300,000. IDR 144,900,000. For their MPVs and SUVs, the Rush GR Sport is priced at IDR 245,000,000, the Fortuner GR Sport at IDR 484,600,000 and the Veloz GR Limited can be brought home for IDR 221,400,000.

I must congratulate Toyota for presenting these inflated models for everyone’s enjoyment. Now it’s up to Toyota Motor Philippines to step up the pace and bring these models to our market and everyone can have fun with Gazoo Racing in their life.

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